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A bad mood on the hair it

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:color creamAuthor:hair color creamPostedTime:2011-09-29 00:47:00

A bad mood on the hair it

When you are in a bad mood can go to hair, to create a new self, hair canmake you more confident. Choose the right hair color can give you a goodmood, make you change with confidence.

Popular hair color cream from the PH (acidic hair color cream, hair color cream alkaline) to select, or from the dye group (with two or only one) to choose, but also from the function points (normal hair color cream, hair color cream-type repair). hair color cream using acid to produce a black dye in theacidic tone of the role of aid penetration enhancers, and after heating, haircuticle so that the gap Da, acidic dye into the hair inside, the formation ofblack hair color groups, to dyeing purposes. The natural plant dyeing cream isthe main raw material extracted from the plant organic matter, low toxicity, butthe effect of mixing colors is not good, there are some limitations.

Select color cream just pick the same boyfriend, have to look right. Whenselected, select certified salon brands.