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Hair Products hair color cream hair color theory

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Hair Products hair color cream hair color theory
Women want to have a beautiful face, we must start from scratchconservation! People age since the beginning of the scalp, and scalp is the most likely aging. Scalp aging rate is six times the facial skin, body skin is12 times, while the aging relaxation of the scalp, will directly bring disaster to the mouth, eyes, forehead and other parts. So after the hair scalp and hairHair products are needed maintenance, but Hair Products for 
hair color cream works as follows:

Hair dye is a principle can not be seen with the eye of chemical processes, artificial pigment particles, pigment particles through these "basic" to softenthe hair and expansion, penetration through the epidermis into the cortex,when these particles organized into a macromolecular, solid in the cortex to form a permanent effect, this process is called "chemistry."

1, pigment primer: the target color 
hair color cream with water 1:1 to base,then the target color and double stained with oxygen. No white hair generallyhave adopted this approach, there is a benefit that better prevent fading.

2, the color rendering: a base color with target color (chrominance) and double-oxygen 1:1 base, then the target color and double stained withoxygen. This method used for covering gray hair.

3, baseplates color: the color of the dye are added to the target color, colorgenerally add about 1 / 5, one can complete the staining.

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