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Hair color cream and milk with a double oxygen techniques

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Hair color cream and milk with a double oxygen techniques
Oxygen milk 
hair color cream double partner, hair color cream and milk with a double oxygen is very important, can directly affect the hair results. Here totalk about hair color cream and milk with a double oxygen techniques.
(1) hair ideal temperature is 25
~ 30 , the temperature is too low if the time should be extended hair, is too high to be shortened.
(2) Special Note: If the hair around the location of those larger temperature difference between the scalp where the high temperature color fast,otherwise the color slowly appears the so-called "duck color." Remember: You can not heat with a hairdryer, air-conditioning is not against the hair, hair color, it is best to use ultraviolet or infrared light according to Bureau of oilmachine. Correct pigment color cream color technique can only be "dry hair" on the use, first the hair is divided into four parts, from beginning * to the tail,then items from the * Department of the ears, shading must first start fromthe rear of the tail, coated with a layer of 
hair color cream for a quarter of an inch. (Coated with white hair and white hair, first part) over the hair withoutbleaching, if the tail hair is porous, you must first coated with a balancedvitamin factors. The first step: First, the hair color cream coated in an inchfrom the hair root part of the tail until about 10 minutes. Step two: Re-tunemix hair color cream applied to the roots, until the specified time. Dark hair dyed the same color and darker color operation

1. The 
hair color cream and milk and double the proportion of oxygen mix, leaving 2-inch hair root, evenly applied to the hair to the originator, coloringabout 10 minutes;
2. Re-modulated color cream hair roots and then cover in 30 minutes. The whole hair process takes 40 minutes. New re-growth of hair dye techniquefour weeks: The first step: first applied to the hair root part of about 25minutes. Step two: If necessary (the tail part of the fade), then coated in the tail part to about 5 to 10 minutes. Six weeks later: The first step: the first part of the root hair painted about 15 to 20 minutes. Step two: could do "heavyplus pigment." The third step: Apply to dry hair tail about 10 to 15 minutes.Rendering time: Ordinary dye: 30 minutes; hair dye or fashion: 30 to 45 minutes; extremely light-colored hair: 40 to 45 minutes. Regrow hair dye 
hair color cream evenly on the hair re-growth of 20-25 minutes, then massage the hair to the originator,10-15 minutes after the flush; the whole hair process takes about 30 minutes.