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Hair color selection tips

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:Hair colorAuthor:Hair colorPostedTime:2011-09-27 01:12:00

Hair color selection tips

Yellow skin, black eyes, Chinese people, Chinese people's skin is basicallya little yellowish. What color hair blond hair and dyed skin looking it? Skinstained yellow wine for red, blue and black, dark brown, not yellow or orangeseries alloy color, such color for light olive.

Generally the skin is very white people all the basic color for the hair dye, butthe red line to pay attention to it because it will become the whole personsickly. If the skin is yellow is best not to dye yellow, maroon line: because it makes the skin more yellow. Do not dye skin black and blue and green that,high brightness color will only make the skin more black! Specifically, to determine whether hair color look good criterion is:

Skin deep black matt, suitable dye gold, light brown, streaked: Becausecolor is dark, so try to use bright colors, coupled with better coloring, but note that coloring is light brown color of the best .

What color hair dye some nice color to judge from their own, take a look attheir skin color is which, to judge their own color, then according to the abovecriteria to determine what color their hair dyed.

Beautiful people self-confidence, mainly for hair hot pursuit of the beautifulappearance, but beauty is we need a good mix of their own can bring a whole has charm.