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Hair Relaxer cream instructions _ Hair Products

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:Hair Relaxer creamAuthor:Hair ProductsPostedTime:2011-08-07 23:34:00

Hair Relaxer cream instructions _ Hair Products

Out the right amount of Hair Relaxer cream in the bowl, the first time to be away from the scalp two centimeters at the start painting, hair partition with a Clip, and then from the head position to Hair Relaxer cream evenly to the tail comb tospread evenly.

Then stop waiting (see schedule below grade three), without heating or coverhair, just in time from time to time to comb the hair straight hair (to keep hairstraight during the state). If you are not satisfied with the degree straight hair can be parked more than 10 minutes. Hair Relaxer cream rinse thoroughly and drywith a hair dryer. After drying, the family if they try to use the MM plywood clipplywood look.