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Hair color cream color allocation method

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:Hair color creamAuthor:Hair color creamPostedTime:2011-09-22 23:10:00

Hair color cream color allocation method

In the entire Hair color cream, in addition to chemical composition, thepigment particles is a single color, and is "fresh color, high saturation," thecolor rendering. Timing of its use and function, to understand the moreversatile it is even more broad use of color in the salon plays a very important role. And its function and usage and what it? Often used in the salon at:

1 deployment of color use.

For example: red Hair color cream + blue = purple strengthen, purple, red violet;

Yellow + Red = Red strengthen orange, orange, yellow and orange;

(2) shallow depth when you add in Hair color cream dye to do with the colorrendering.

For example: 7 to 8 degrees 5 degrees to do the yellow violet, 5 degrees in the formulation of

purple color +5 degrees plus some strengthening in theblue, to purple in the purple primer

significantly more flavor.