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Twenty-first century trends in hair color cream

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:hair color creamAuthor:hair color creamPostedTime:2011-09-08 19:17:00

Twenty-first century trends in hair color cream 
1, the popular fast dye
hair color cream 
      Accelerate the pace of people's lives today, work stress. In order to meet people's minds in recent years, researchers developed a fast color cream.
Hair color cream with a general need to wait about 30 minutes; fast color cream hair dye can be reduced to 1O minutes. Some also have the speed of hair dye hair color cream and the fan also made features, easy to use, fast.Speed
??dye hair color cream hair care market will become one of the major species. 

2, trendy
hair color cream color 
Some young people, middle-aged black hair that monotonous, lack of light and gentle beauty, so they boldly break through the traditional aesthetic point of view, hair dyed gold, maroon, red brown, yellow and so on. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other cities, cultural, and self-employed women like colorful dyed hair color. Respect for natural and consistent with oriental color and personality to become today's hair color theme. For example: brown, dark brown, red brown, dark red, brown, red, Jinfeng color purple have become popular fashion hair color. Some of these warm color cream will become best sellers. 

3, natural
hair color cream, hair color cream is still the study of new materials development. 
      Today people advocating natural purpose is to more secure. In recent years, France and other countries have successfully developed with hematoxylin as the raw material of natural
hair color cream. In addition, to imitate the process of hair products, melanin production research is constantly evolving. Up to now, imitates the natural process of hair color cream is the use of melanin-bodied 5,6 twelve hydroxyindole (DHI) or 3,4 twelve hydroxy C nitric acid (D0P) that generate oxidative polymerization of DOPA acid black search process.