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Use color cream notes and precautions

Article Source:植兰芳Web Editor:hair color creamAuthor:hair color creamPostedTime:2011-09-03 01:13:00

Use color cream notes and precautions
1 Note: Use the color cream to note a few points.
(1), hair done before the allergy skin test response. Personal use of hair color cream, the medical manual, second in the arm to make a few skin allergy test, which uses a small amount of hair color cream applied to the arm, observed for 24 hours, such as swelling, redness, itching and other symptoms stop using the dye cream. In order to reduce color cream for skin irritation, whether natural or chemical hair color cream, hair are the best use of local law, may be a small amount of hair color cream applied to the brush on the temples, hair a little white part of the hair, that is not injury to the scalp.
(2), weak hair and skin allergies were careful, the scalp wound is unable to burn or hair.
(3), pregnant women, breastfeeding women must not during the hair to prevent the chemical composition through the skin into the blood affect the fetus.
(4) with hypertension, heart disease, asthma and other disorders should not be hair, in addition, prepared childbirth couples and pregnant and lactating women is also not suitable hair.
(5), the choice of hair color cream (whether domestic or imported products), to see whether there is a national health department approved products, hair all over when to choose the required supervision of Health Bureau of Health issued a health permit to beauty salon hair, and not in the street next to the alley in the busy business beauty salon to dye, perm, hair once because of the damage caused by the human body can not complaint.

2, preventive measures:
(1), the selection of qualified high-quality hair color cream: Do not yield to the temptation to use cheaper inferior products.
(2) to prevent allergy: the first water wash ear or arm, Sassafras dry, then dipped in a little cotton, hair color cream applied to the drug test place, to be observed after 24 hours, if that test at the swelling, rash, itching , that is, allergic reactions, should be determined not to use hair color cream hair color.
(3), how to prevent damage to the eyes: the main flow into the eye to prevent hair color cream, hair generally, because of water wash, do not pay attention to hair color cream with the water will flow into the eyes. So when the hair after washing with water, try to lower his head, was straight down like, so who head down along the stream, so you can avoid hair color cream with a high degree of water into the eyes.
(4), to prevent other damage: mainly in the hair after each time, to carefully and thoroughly to the hair color cream left in the head clean, to avoid being absorbed into the scalp capillary blood circulation. Medium with the bath water wash is best, when there is no black water, wash down water to clear up, put the water on the Sassafras hair net. Then rub the shampoo into the hair many times, washed to a clean foam, shampoo and then rinse a second time until it becomes clear who is whom to rinse, hair color cream that will prevent the accumulation of residues in the body harm , after every hair wash, the best there is the presence of others, so I do not have eyes to see, to prevent water flow into the eyes or hair color cream to prevent other hazards to the eyes.