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What hair color cream to the pursuit of

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What hair color cream to the pursuit of

Cause hair is what people do, is to fashion, set off the skin, increased levels of flu, increase self-confidence.

The difference between Asian and European hair, melanin pigment content is different, so different shades of degrees. (Less damaged hair pigmentparticles). Hair is a chemical process, is to change the hair color process. Is the artificial pigment particles through the hair to soften and expand alkaline,penetrate through the epidermis to the cortex, when these particles,organized into a macromolecular, stable in the cortex, the formation of a permanent effect. When the color cream mixed with milk and double oxygen,alkaline ammonia (ammonia) can produce two effects ---- hair color cream ingredients: ammonia. Artificial colors, stabilizers, hair care ingredients (to increase brightness, nutrition) --- ammonia can open the pores (hair color cream in the milk of ammonia to double oxygen molecule to increaseactivity), oxidation and destruction of the natural pigment melanin (naturalpigment concentrated in the cortex). Primary colors - red, yellow, blue, colorsecond color --- to deploy with out colors (orange, green, purple), in fact, anyimaginable color by color by mixing different proportions to form. Stabilizer:to protect the artificial coloring not lost. (The accuracy of the expansion andeasy to penetrate the epidermis).

The type of hair color cream: (We are talking about are herbal hair color cream) as part of its loss of pigment in the operation were. Rangao with 4ring, 5 ring technology manufacturing: some manufacturers to make their products better, the use of 5-ring technology (black, brown, copper, purple,red) in addition to blue than red, yellow, red or yellow extra in Canada, orblue, to highlight the characteristics of their products.