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Purest Color Cream 7.34

Products: Hair Color
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    Purest Color Cream 7.34

    Color: Golden brown (7.34)

    Net: 50ml*2+10ml

    Quantity: 48Pcs/Ctn

    Ctn Size: 490*410*170mm

    G.W.: 7.28kg

    This Pack Contains:

    1 Color cream Net: 50ml

    1 Oxidant Net: 50ml

    1 Conditioner Net: 10ml

    1 Pair of plastic gloves

    1 Instruction sheet

    Key Ingredients:

    ALOE VERA EXTRACTS:witn excellent moisturizing and reparing ability, can protect the hair and keep the hair moisturized

    HENNA EXTRACTS:a kind of natural plant with stromh dying ability,dye the hair as well as provide special protection.

    Available Colors(12 Colors):

    Natural black(2.00), Dark brown(3.00), Medium brown(4.00),Mahogany(4.66), light brown(5.00), Dark blonde(6.00), Burgundy(6.65), Golden brown(7.34), Medium blonede(8.00), Golden copper(8.34), Copper red(8.65), Light blonde(9.00)


    *The upgraded ammonia-free formula brings perfect hair dying spa, to keep the hair color natural and brilliant everlastingly.

    *During dying: The special additive, the natural henna extracts, with strong dying ability, can dye the hair as well as provide special protection to lock the hair color, prevent the hair from loss or dandruff or premature whiteness, to keep the hair color everlasting.

    *After dying: The specially additive aloe vera extracts, with excellent moisturizing and repairing ability, can protect the hair and keep the hair moisturized and strong.

    *The fresh fragrance keeps the hair refreshed after dying.


    1. Preparation: Wear the gloves, ear covers and cloth on shoulders, take proper amount of hair color cream and hair color booster by ratio of 1:1 and mix them even in a nonmetallic vessel.
    2. Hair color application: Comb the hair from roots or parts with more white hair to hair ends. Repeat combing until all hair in need applied by the cream.
    3. Wait: Check whether all hair in need is applied by cream evenly. Wear the shower cap (pin long hair on top). Wait for 20 to 30 minutes, or longer time under 20℃or for more white hair or thick and hard hair which is not easy to be dyed.
    4. Rinse: Rinse the loose color on hair thoroughly by abundant luckwarm water. Apply some hair tonic evenly on hair. Rinse it clean after 2 minutes. The hair tonic can replenish biological nutriments to the dyed hair.

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